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Other Donations

If you wish to make a gift to the Concord Historical Society, you may call the Society at (925) 827-3380, or if you wish  to  make other future arrangements or just have questions, you may write to Lloyd Crenna, Esq. at 242 Santa Margarita Drive, San Anselmo, CA 94901-1638, telephone (415) 453-4999. Lloyd will respond to your written questions or requests. You should, however, always consult your own professional tax or legal advisor.


Type of Gift

Form of Gift

Benefit to Donor

Benefit to Concord Historical Society

Gift during lifetime Anything owned Tax deduction when gift is made Provides funds or other property for immediate use by CHS
Bequests through wills Anything owned at time of death Fulfills donor’s wishes and charitable intent. Possible inheritance tax reduction Provides funds at time of death for future programs of CHS
Charitable Remainder
Cash, securities and real estate worth $5000 or more Annual income at fixed or variable amount; tax deduction when gift is made; capital gains tax may be avoided Ensures substantial future funding; principal payable to CHS at death of donor
Charitable Gift Annuity Cash, securities and real estate worth $5000 or more Fixed income for life; tax deduction in year of gift; income can be deferred until needed; no capital gains tax due at time of funding Portion of funds available to CHS for present use; ensures future funding
Charitable Lead Trust Cash, securities, real estate Allows property to be passed on to others at reduced transfer costs Provides CHS with current annual income for the length of the trust
Revocable (living trust) Cash, securities, real estate All or part of amount placed in the trust available to donor when needed; can give burden of managing assets to professionals to relieve individual; may be revoked/changed at any time Current gifts may be made annually from trust; CHS as a charitable beneficiary receives significant amount at time of donor’s death
Insurance policies CHS as owner and beneficiary
of policy currently in force
Tax deduction for value of policy or premiums paid (whichever is less); future premiums may be deducted as charitable gift; donor can make large future gift at small present cost CHS receives face value of policy at donor’s death
Paid-up policy given to CHS Tax deduction based on current value of policy or premiums paid (whichever is less) CHS receives face value of policy at donor’s death
CHS named as beneficiary of policy, but not owner Donor enabled to make large future gift at small present cost; donor may later change beneficiary; donor may borrow on policy but receives no tax deduction CHS receives face value of policy at donor’s death
Retirement Plans Company pension or profit-sharing plan , IRA, Keogh, tax-sheltered annuity Donor over 59 may make current gifts to CHS through withdrawal of these funds and receive tax deduction on estate and for inheritors other than spouse CHS receives current gifts for present funding; CHS named as beneficiary of plan receives funds at donor’s death; CHS as final beneficiary receives funds at spouse’s death
Saving Accounts &
Certificates of Deposit
Joint ownership with right of survivorship only Donor retains complete control of assets during lifetime; can use assets, change beneficiary or close account at any time CHS receives assets at time of donor’s death