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History of Concord: Its Progress and Promise

History of Concord: Its Progress and Promise

 History of Concord,  Its Progress and Promise

by Edna May Andrews, and Janet Settle, Arliss Harmon, and Takako Endo.
Published by the Concord Historical Society

The biography of the city, looking back from 1986

$33.00 incl. tax
$20 for members

Table of Contents:
Preface and Introduction

Part I – The Early Period
Chapter I – The Indians
Chapter II – Early Spanish Era
Chapter III – Pacheco Town: The Forerunner of Concord
Chapter IV – Founding of Todos Santos
Chapter V – The Founding Fathers
Chapter VI – Agriculture
Chapter VII – Todos Santos Becomes Concord

Part II – Business and Community Development
Chapter VIII – A Stroll Through Downtown Concord
Chapter IX – Downtown Changes 1905-1917
Chapter X – The Fire of 1917
Chapter XI – Rebuilding After the Fire
Chapter XII – Business in the 1920s
Chapter XIII – Concord Copes with the Depression
Chapter XIV – World War II Years
Chapter XV – The Post War Era
Chapter XVI – Concord Booms
Chapter XVII – Contemporary Concord

Part III – Government and Services
Chapter XVIII – Early City Government
Chapter XIX – Government Grows With the City
Chapter XX – Police Department
Chapter XXI – Post Office
Chapter XXII – The Library
Chapter XXIII – Fire Department
Chapter XXIV – Utilities
Chapter XXV – Health Care
Chapter XXVI – Cemeteries

Part IV – Community Life
Chapter XXVII – Education
Chapter XXVIII – Transportation and Communications
Chapter XXIX – First Churches
Chapter XXX – Historic Homes
Chapter XXXI – Celebrations
Chapter XXXII – The Arts, Entertainment and Recreation